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We can start research on Finding the Cure for Dupuytrens-contracture disease

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Help us find a cure for Dupuytren's contracture disease Dear family, friends, and colleagues,

I am participating in the 2016 Find-the-Cure fundraising effort to fight Dupuytren disease, a painful and debilitating crippling hand and oftentimes foot disease that afflicts at least ten million Americans, including me.
Dupuytren disease is genetic time-bomb which goes off in adulthood. It can affect people's hands so severely that everyday tasks become nearly impossible. It can affect the feet, making it painful and difficult to walk. Some people have both hands and both feet involved as well as other related health issues. People with Dupuytren contracture have a greater risk for cardiovascular disease, several types of cancer, and early death – for reasons still unknown.
There is no guaranteed treatment, no prevention, and no cure.

I was undiagnosed before my first hand surgery and my disease progressed extremely fast. My second hand surgery in June was not successful. I am looking at future surgeries with suggestions of amputating my little finger. Maybe with further research others can get help sooner and won't face the decision to amputate at such a young age. Being 37 years old and having limited use of my dominant hand has many frustrations. However I'm not giving up hope they we will make advancements in treatment and eventually find a cure.

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for helping to find the cure.

Thank you in advance for your kindness.