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Three years ago, I got a hard lump the size of a BB in my right hand. My general practitioner diagnosed it as a cyst, but the hand specialist said it looked like Dupuytrens Disease even though it was was not located in the usual spot. He said to wait 6 weeks and return. In the intervening weeks, my hand developed a cord going to my index finger all the while my knowledge base of this disease grew. I read research. I joined Facebook pages with other people who have this disease. A phone call to my mother gleaned the information that my great uncle has a ring finger and a pinky finger contracted to his palm, as well as hard knuckles on the fingers of my great grandfather (part of Dupuytrens called Garrod's Pads). Later, I learned that my DNA and that of my mother (Scotch-Irish family line) carry the mutations for Dupuytrens, and still later, I learned that my northern German father's family has the disease and the DNA too. In the meanwhile, in my research, I learned that the use of limited radiation helps slow the disease, so I scheduled a treatment for my right hand. While waiting for treatment, my left hand developed nodules and cords also, so during the second and final radiation treatment for my right hand, I began a first treatment for my left hand. In November of that year, I grew (in 2 hours!) a nodule on my left foot that prevented me from walking comfortably. The podiatrist diagnosed Ledderhose Disease in both feet, even though I did not feel them in the right foot. And my left hand continued developing additional growths. All of these were and are painful. I scheduled a re-radiation on my left hand and a full treatment on both feet. I can now walk again, and even dance. A related condition is frozen shoulder, and I have had frozen shoulder in both shoulders. In fact, the disease began with frozen shoulder on my right shoulder but took 10 years before it developed in my hands and feet.

Please know that this is genetic. If you are a relative, it can affect your children, your grandchildren or skip generations and affect someone else in your line.

Please help me find a cure, so no more members of our family or anyone's family is affected by this crippling and painful disease.

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping meet the Dupuytrens Disease Foundation for research beginning next year to find the cure.

Thank you in advance for your kindness.