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Dear Friends and Family,

I have an incurable, progressive and potentially severely disabling disease of the connective tissue that affects my hands (Dupuytren's Disease) and my foot (Ledderhose Disease). I have the disease in every finger of both hands and my left foot and have had Radiation Therapy to halt the progression of the disease. This spring, the disease became active again in my left foot and I had a re-irradiation. Not everyone needs treatment, but those who do, like me, with aggressive disease, see hand surgeons, podiatrists and radiation oncologists. The cost to the healthcare system is enormous. The cost to individuals, in loss of function and enjoyment of simple pleasures is deeply felt by patients like me. I can no longer walk without pain, my fingers tire easily when typing, chopping vegetables and opening jars is difficult. I have given up tennis, golf, and skiing. These diseases are genetic. They can skip generations. My kids could get it.
So could yours.

I am also the volunteer administrator of a global Facebook forum of over 1300 members called the Dupuytren's Disease Support Group -www.dupuytrensdiseasesupportgroup.com. We are joined by 9 world class doctors who help answer our questions about the latest treatment options and make sense of our shared disease. We support the Dupuytren Foundation's mission to find a cure! Although only 1300 sufferers have found us, there are an estimated 10 million in the US who suffer from this disease and 30 million world wide. We provide support, resources, fellowship with other patients and educate them about the importance of participating in the DupStudy. You see, in addition to money to fund the study, we need participants, too! www.dupstudy.com

Dupuytren's Disease has baffled scientists and doctors since the 1800's when it was named by Napoleon's surgeon, Guillaume de Dupuytren. But today, we finally have hope! A study is in place. We have brilliant scientists working on a cure. Let's make the cure a reality. Won't you join me in changing the future for so many Dupuytren's sufferers? Please consider making a donation today.

Thank you in advance for your contribution!

Leslie Wieslander Rosenthal
Administrator, Dupuytren's Disease Support Group
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